stand up comedy in Sofia Bulgaria

Stand up comedy scene in Bulgaria

Stand up comedy in Bulgaria started being developed in the recent years. The main company that does it is The owner- Ivan Kirkov is the producer that is behind events such as The First Comedy Festival Sofia and Comedy Fest 2.0. developed an international network with it’s neighbour and surrounding countries from stand up comedy in Bulgaria and Sofiathese festivals. Ivan Kirkov has also worked with Danny Grozdich, Daliso Chaponda, Katerina Vrana, Marina Orsag and many other stand up comedians in the recent years. He will also produce the stand up show of Jimmy Carr, one of the best stand up comedians in the world. It is said to be the biggest comedy event ot 2016.
The main comedians are Ivan Kirkov himself and his good friends and colleagues Vasil, Nikola and Niki. There are also some open mic comedians who are aspiring to become professionals as well, so you could say that stand up comedy in Bulgaria has a bright future. produces over 50 shows a year, currently in two cities, and with a mind to expand.

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