Stand up comedy Bulgaria

Stand up comedy Bulgaria

We’ve all seen in American movies, “One man, with one microphone, makes some people laugh in a bar.” This is a stand-up comedy: a stage art in which a man tells jokes on stage, inspired by his personal experience.

In Bulgaria stand-up comedy began in 2012 when the comedian Ivan Kirkov returned from Austria to create Comedy.BG. The only goal of Kirkov and his company is to promote stand-up comedy in Bulgaria. At that time in our country only the form of a solo show was known, and the stand-up was called “StandAp” after the Russian shows on YouTube.

In 2015, Kirkov created the first and so far the only Comedy Club in the country – The Comedy Club Sofia.

Open Mic is one of the most important traditions in stand-up comedy and one of our favorite shows. It is the place from where all the professional stand-up comedians started their careers.
If you are an english speaker, you are welcome at our Open Mics as well, just inbox us for more information.

Stand up comedy Bulgaria
Overcome the fear so you have the opportunity to get on the biggest stages in the country, just like the other comedians from the Comedy Club. 🙂

Get the newest information for the open mic shows from our Facebook page.

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