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Stand up comedy festivals in Bulgaria

Comedy BG organizes the biggest comedy festivals in Bulgaria. In 2014 we started Sofia Comedy Festival 2014. This year we will have our 5th edition of the biggest comedy festival in the country. You can learn more about the festival on our Bulgarian web page: Comedy Festival Bulgaria web page We have had international stars like Daniel Sloss, Stephen K…

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Stand up Comedy promoter in Bulgaria

Comedy BG is a Bulgarian stand up comedy promoter. The company and it’s founder Ivan Kirkov are involved in most of the big stand up comedy projects in the country. We have done shows with Jimmy Carr, Dylan Moran, Eddie Izzard, Daniel Sloss and many other classy stand up comedy acts. If you want to contact Comedy BG Ltd., you…

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comedy festival 2017

4th Comedy Festival Sofia 2017

Comedy Club Sofia and Comedy BG proudly present the 4th Comedy Festival Sofia 2017. Join the best Bulgarian comedians and some of the top Balkan, European and American comedians at The Comedy Club Sofia. The festival starts on 6th October and lasts 30 days. Among the top names of the festival are Daniel Sloss, Marcel Lucont, Alexis Dubos and many…

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open mic sofia stand up

Open Mic in Sofia

Open mic is a stand up type of comedy for any amateur comedian that wants to become a pro, or just has a funny story to tell. Open mic events in Sofia are produced by The main producer and MC of the shows is Ivan Kirkov, who is one of the best comedians in Bulgaria. He has also organised…

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stand up comedy in Sofia Bulgaria

Stand up comedy scene in Bulgaria

Stand up comedy in Bulgaria started being developed in the recent years. The main company that does it is The owner- Ivan Kirkov is the producer that is behind events such as The First Comedy Festival Sofia and Comedy Fest 2.0. developed an international network with it’s neighbour and surrounding countries from these festivals. Ivan Kirkov has also…

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