ivan kirkov

Comedy.bg is the English stand up comedy producer in Bulgaria

ivan kirkovThe main company that is responsible for bringing foreign stand up comedians to Bulgaria is comedy.bg. They have worked with some of the best Eastern European comedians, thus creating and international network allowing them to bring comedians who are being demanded by the audience here in Bulgaria. Ivan Kirkov is the creator and owner of comedy.bg and not only does he produce but he is also one of the best stand up comics in Bulgaria. He has worked not only with European countries such as England, Poland, Serbia, Greece etc. But he even brought Daliso Chaponda to Bulgarian stage, who is now a good friend of not only comedy.bg, but our audience.  Most of these guests were during the two festivals that comedy.bg willl now do anualy.

Comedy.bg’s biggest job yet is the bringing of Jimmy Carr to Bulgaria. And that certainly takes our country to another level and would put us on the world comedy map. Stand up comedy is vastly¬†growing ever since it became a thing here in Bulgaria, and odds are, it will continue so.

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