stand up comedy sofia 2016

Balkan Comedy in Bulgaria

stand up comedy sofia 2016Some of the best Balkan comedians have already performed in Bulgaria. has brought comedians from Romania, Serbia, Greece, Croatia and even works regularly with the best from Macedonia- Nikola Todoroski. Most of these visited us during the Comedy Festivals, but there are plans to bring them to Bulgaria even more often.

By producing for our neighbour countries, has become the biggest stand up producer in Bulgaria. Most of the stars they have worked with have been on Comedy Central. The good thing is that after working with them, every comedian wants to perform here again, and has become good friends with the staff. Their high quality jokes and material only helps with that, because the audience wants them back too. If you are looking for Balkan comedy here in Bulgaria, make sure to contact on their facebook page or website. There you can also check their programme or read the latest news regarding Bulgarian and Balkan stand up comedy.

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