stand up in bulgaria, comedy in sofia

English Stand up Comedy in Sofia, Bulgaria

stand up in bulgaria, comedy in sofia           In the past few years the producer company has been organizing stand up comedy events in Sofia constantly. Some of the best comedians from the Balkans have been performing in English here in Sofia. Stand up comics who are some of the best in their countries such as Sergiu Floroaia, Katerina Vrana, Aleksandar Perisic, Nikola Silic, Marina Orsag, Nikola Todoroski all worked with for their shows in Bulgaria, and some of them performed here for more than one time. English speaking comedy in Sofia doesn’t stop there, names like Daliso Chaponda and Danny Grozdich who is famous for his youtube channel GradualReport. These are all comedians that have proven themselves to be hilarious and made Sofia laugh. There are also upcoming events for some of the best stand up comedians in the world such as Dylan Moran and Jimmy Carr.

If you are more interested in upcoming stand up shows in English you can always check the programme at the website or the facebook page. There are English speaking events every month or other in Sofia organized by

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